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Reported Ind. flu cases remain low

Indiana Student Daily
Flu cases have remained low in Indiana this season, according to the Indiana State Department of Health.

Two weeks ago, sporadic activity of the flu hit 15 U.S. states, including Indiana.

Mayer said they have made other efforts to reduce possible bacteria in the air. Total release foggers, from a company called Saniguard, were used to sanitize rooms in the school building. Teachers were also asked to stay after school and sanitize common areas.

Jeffrey Katz, head of Bloomington Montessori School, said the school has had a normal influenza season and that kids have experienced flu-like symptoms.

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Schools fighting MRSA bacteria

A Tulsa elementary school student is in the hospital fighting the MRSA infection.

The student attends Columbia Elementary School, one of the eight schools in Tulsa with reported cases of the superbug.

From inside the classroom to outside on the football field, school officials are making sure they kill the MRSA bacteria. They're spraying the football field with a substance that will likely kill any of the bacteria on contact.

"We're treating everything, interior and exterior. Track surfaces, doorknobs, light fixtures. Just anything in the interior buildings will be treated", says David Feedback. "It's a weekly process. Every five to seven days we will spray."

And they are using "Sani-Guard" to fog and disinfect class and weight rooms.

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